TVアニメ「神様はじめました」第1期・第2期のテーマソングとなった、3rdシングル「神様はじめました / 神様お願い」、7thシングル「神様の神様 / おとといおいで」が国内外で話題となり、ジャンルを越え多くのファンを獲得する。


2016年3月に自身のトータルプロデュースによる待望の3rdアルバム「SHOW GIRL」をリリース。


2021年2月には、自身がプロデュースするランジェリーセレクトショップ「sub rosa lingerie」をオープンし、ショッププロデューサーとしても活躍の場を広げている。

Born 27th February 1994 in Fukuoka, Hanae is a girl-pop singer with a voice that is both cute and catchy.

She major debuted in June 2011 with “Hane”, after being spotted during her time at Great Hunting (Universal Music’s youth development programme) at the age of thirteen.

Her third single “Kamisama Hajimemashita / Kamisama Onegai” and 7th single “Kamisama no Kamisama / Ototoi Oide” caused a storm both in Japan and globally as the opening theme song for anime show “Kamisama Hajimemashita”, establishing a growing and widespread fan base.

March 2015 will see the release of her second album “Joukyou Shouko”, which will be available for download in 251 countries across the world with expectations high for global success.

Hanae’s expressive and refined sense of art, culture and fashion has led to her being featured on Shiseido’s culture magazine “Hanatsubaki”, showing that she is definitely one to watch across the genres.

She is expanding her career as a shop producer, such as opening her own lingerie select shop “sub rosa lingerie” in February 2021.

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